Experts of the Japanese language teach you in person how to express your messages,
feelings, and thoughts to others in an appropriate and beautiful manner.

There are a number of other schools or classrooms where you can learn to speak Japanese.
Is that your goal? When you can speak and write Japanese well enough, are you satisfied?
If not, this is the right place. At Yokohama Nadeshiko Salon,
Experts of Japanese teach you how to speak with other people effectively,
building trust and making yourself understood while living in Japan.
We provide programs such as phonation, pronunciation,
posture and how to use proper Japanese to meet individual students’ needs.
We teach you and support you with enthusiasm to make your dreams come true.

  • Our instructors are announcers or interviewers known as “Experts of Japanese”.

  • We provide programs to meet individual students’ needs and will kindly teach you.

  • We train you from the basics regarding communication manners and skills helpful for your life in Japan.


Non-native speakers of Japanese may feel it hard to deliver their true messages and may sometimes be misunderstood despite their efforts. They sometimes miss opportunities to convey the detailed nuance of the expressions.

Important points to be careful of when speaking Japanese:

  • The way to convey your real messages
  • The way to make a good impression to others
  • The way to make other people want to talk to you more

If you develop your Japanese communicative ability, you can broaden your horizon and have a wider circle of friends.


Welcome and thank you very much for visiting our website.
My name is Mariko Ohsumi and I am the President of Yokohama Nadeshiko Salon.
Currently I opened my own salon so that you can learn Japanese communication in my hometown, Yokohama.

I have worked as a reporter, interviewer and MC and I have had one dream since I was a college student majoring in teaching Japanese language. My dream has been to provide foreigners who live in Japan with a place to learn the ways to speak to convey their true messages in proper and beautiful Japanese. Have you ever had any experiences as mentioned below?

“I can speak Japanese but when I said one thing, the other person took it differently and could not make them understand what I really meant and felt misunderstood.” As a matter of fact, many native Japanese speakers have gone through similar problems. At Yokohama Nadeshiko Salon, you learn the basics. Also you acquire practical communication manners you need for your life in Japan. We salon provides more time for output, and training than other schools

  • If you want to make a better impression on others,
  • If you want more friends,
  • If you want to make other people want to talk to you more,
  • If you want to know proper mannerisms,
  • If you want to learn Japanese manners from the basics,

If you have any difficulty speaking Japanese while living in Japan. Do not hesitate to contact us.
We are waiting for you with suitable programs to accomplish your goals.

President Mariko Ohsumi
Detailed profile is here.


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