Mariko OhsumiPresident of Yokohama Nadeshiko Salon

-Born in 1985.
-Graduated from College of Arts and Sciences, Tamagawa University
-Majored in “Arts and Cultures”
-Completed the program of Teaching Japanese as a Second Language
Since graduating from Tamagawa University, she has belonged to an Announcer Agency.
She has advanced her career as a freelance announcer, weather reporter as well as MC for many events on and off air. She gained a great deal of experience of conducting interviews and reports at various sites. She had worked as a reporter for 3 years in a public relations program for Yokohama city, her hometown. She has served as the MC of some talk shows and events of various genres. She also teaches how to speak at a “communication” seminar for Corporations and children.

Mitsunari SakamotoJapanese actor and voice trainer.

He was the first Japanese actor who starred in plays for La Ma Ma Experimental Theatre Club in NY and has advanced his acting career since then. He has been playing active roles in many plays and films since coming back to Japan. He is also working as a voice trainer using dramas now. He teaches phonation and how to speak to convey true message in workshops for young actors, young people and businessmen regarding. The Authorized Director of NPO “Ongaku to Engeki” ( i.e. “Music & Drama”) .
Official drama coach registered in “ SAITA ”, Japan’s biggest Internet-based employment agency which dispatches private coaches.
He appears on a TV ad of SKⅡ globally with James Corden and Naomi Watanabe in 2019.

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