• 2019.8.23

    Mitsunari Sakamoto’s (Our company’s Advisor)Infomation:
    He’s in a global TV ads of SKⅡ with James Corden and Naomi Watanabe.

  • 2019.8.23

    New class to start this September 2019

    1)Private Lesson
    50minutes / 90minutes
    2)Lessons with friends and colleagues
    50minutes / 90minutes
    3)Nadeshiko class ( twice a week )

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  • 2018.4.12

    Lesson Schedule 2018 -19【Nadeshiko Course】

    We’ve updated the lesson schedule for 2018.
    Nadesiko course has 2 classes.
    A new class for Japanese beginners has been established.
    Our class are also looking for students. Please feel free to contact us.

    Nadeshiko Class (Twice a month):

    【 A 】10:30-12:00(Open:10:00 / Close:12:30)
    【 B 】13:00-14:30(Open:12:30 / Close:15:00)
    【SAT】13:00-14:30(Open:12:30 / Close:15:00)

    Pre-Nadeshiko Class (Twice a month):
    For those who are studying Japanese for the first time.

    【 A 】10:30-12:00(Open:10:00 / Close:12:30)
    【 B 】13:00-14:30(Open:12:30 / Close:15:00)
    【SAT】10:30-12:00(Open:10:00 / Close:12:30)

  • 2017.7.3

    If you would like to have an English brochure please contact us by facebook page.

  • 2017.7.3

    We will hold a briefing session.
    【A】 4/15 11:00-12:00  【B】 4/15 13:30-14:30
    If you would like to participate, please contact us.

  • 2017.7.2

    This time, we opened the homepage of Yokohama Nadesico Salon Japanese Communication Classroom.
    Feel free to consult, please contact us.


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